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Sports Portraits

Sports portraits are a slightly different take on the traditional portrait session. Often, they can be more creative in terms of environment and props, and often utilise  movement or motion blur. They are a great way to show the power and strength of an athlete. A session will be a minimum of one hour, but more often two or three hours, which allows us to try different lighting, outfits and poses. Longer sessions really allow us to  explore more options and give you  a broader range of shots to choose from at the end.

We can go on location for any sports portrait shoot, or for the  longer sessions, we can split between studio and location. We can discuss this ahead of the shoot - but please bear in mind any use of external location will be weather dependant.  I have done shoots in gyms before, but please bear in mind it is the clients responsibility to  obtain permission to do this before discussing as part of the shoot. I am covered by public liability insurance in case of any issues.

Below is a sample of some of my work. Click on an image to enlarge.

Pricing is the same as standard portrait sessions. For prices click here.

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