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Retouching  &  Restoration

Retouching  can make all the difference in creating impactful images. For me, it's not about vanity - the picture still needs to be well composed, but you can truly maximise the impact of the image with the  appropriate amount of retouching. I tend to concentrate on basic blemish removal, skin smoothing and brightening/sharpening the eyes.

On the adjacent image, move the slider  left to right to see the comparison between the picture straight out of camera and the final retouched image. 

Digital editing can also enable us to repair old damaged photos and bring them back to their former glory, removing rips and tears, and adding colour back into faded pictures.

Prices will depend on the amount of work required on the image. Common tasks untaken are:

  • Blemish removal

  • Skin smoothing & colour toning

  • Hair shaping & tidying

  • Body shaping

  • Changing clothing colours

  • Removal of distractions (e.g. people in background, birds in shot)

  • Exposure and lighting correction

  • Recolouring faded images

  • Rip, tear   and fold removal

For guide prices click here

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