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When  I first took up photography, it was like finding a glove that fitted perfectly - I don't think I've ever felt more perfectly in tune with anything. I've always been a very visually based person,  so I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised really, but  picking up my first DSLR and learning how to play with light, shade and depth-of-field  was a complete joy.

As I developed as a photographer, I discovered a real passion for photographing  people, so my work is mostly concentrated on portraiture,  but I have also discovered the added creativity that Photoshop can bring to my work,  and I am also using this to create fine-art pieces, movie posters, book covers and album artwork for musicians  - you can see some of these pieces on the Cre8ive Spaces website.

There is a selection of my portraiture on this  website but  please also check out my Instagram profile via the link on the footer below. I often use this as a photographic sketchbook to capture interesting ideas and different takes on everyday scenes with just my iPhone and some basic editing, so you can get a sense of what inspires me.


I offer a range of photography services, from headshots for professionals, CEO/directors, actors, models etc, through to commercial/editorial work and fine-art portraits.

I also  offer image retouching and restoration, helping you to bring the best out of your favourite images, or repair much loved damaged prints.

Please do get in touch via  the contact page if you have any specific questions or requests. I'd love to hear from you.

Dave Robins  Photography is a trading name  of  Cre8ive Spaces Ltd - the Audio/Visual  production hub.

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